Friday, 22 April 2011


Is it summer already?? well what ever is it am so loving it :D off work today of course its Good Friday i wonder if there's another bank holiday named Bad Friday lol probably not will have a long wonderful weekend   but anyway just went out today didn't plan to end my day at the park but it was lovely i hope everyone is having a Good Friday (see what i did there lol am really bad at making jokes) 
anywoo am wearing a dress that my sister send me, shoe/boots from Topshop and bangle overload the headpiece is from one of the outfit my friend designed for me she makes gorgeous African wear will post something from her soon :)

I have decided to get the sleek fringe for my next hairstyle thank you for all your comments really helped me make my mind up :D 


Thank you for passing by Look forward to checking out your blog x