Friday, 6 May 2011

****Its all about Vintage *****

Hello Darlings hows everyone doing.. its Friday ya'll woo woo finally fell like this week went really fast don't you think?
anyway this what i was wearing yesterday for work, also found out that we can actually dress down at work everyday until further notice how freaking cool is that we don't have to worry about dressing smart and what not am really happy about that because when you work in a bank your expected to dress slightly smart right?so am happy i can just relax and wear what i want well sort of.. I tried to do a vintage style thing going with the pictures lol don't know if it worked or not hah... (P.S you can still enter my give away for you chance to win) am exited :D here's what am wearing.. x 

Dress - Jane Norman Jacket- Vintage tights- Next 
Belt- from Next (My baby nephew's hahah)
  Shoes-Office Head Scarve-Vintage Cow Bag-My sisters :D
  Bracelet- Market stall Ring-Miss Selfridges 

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Have a wonderful last day of the week good Friday to you all :D