Friday, 15 July 2011

Like the Design :D

So first things first i Love my new Design do you?? It was designed by my Very Good Friend Esperant - his an amazing web designer Architecture graduate his coming up with a huge project that i will be sharing with all you lovely ladies soon specially for anyone who has ever wanted or does modelling :-) i cant wait to write all about it... if you like to have anything done for your blog design, heather,website etc do leave a comment and i will get in contact with My friend and see if/how he can help in anyway...
Since I got this new Blog design and the summer is here at my job the contract was for 6 months so will be ending soon that is if they don't decide to keep me/us there for another contract or long term.. So I will finally start blogging again *Back To Normal* its been a very crazy few weeks (just yesterday i did my first 10 hour shift in like ever) also the time i work makes it really hard to keep up with everything else.. Also I have just bough myself a new camera no more sorry about the bad pictures cant wait to start sharing all the fashion goss, outfit post, new in my closet, celebrities style crush, etc am actually getting all excited about this i feel like am starting my Blog for real now heheh :D
So am wearing H&M - Shirt DIY-Short's Bag-Market Glasses- New Look
 Shoes-My new Babies From Belt- Dorothy Perkins

So tomorrow i have a BBQ at my sister cant wait so hang out with my brothers and sister newphews etc and and and also finally do my give away woo woo i been wanting to do it at hers so i can make a video to anounce the winner think it would be a good idea s its shows how fair it is heheheh 
Hope ya'll had a great Friday and have an amazing Weekend