Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Look What i Got in The Post :D

Hey Guys how's everything :D hope all is good i have some news, so i've finally sent my application for university finger crossed i get a place in such short time and i think am not actually prepared at all since if i do get a place i start in September that's in two months and am moving away from Manchester :/ so its going to be hard work, anywoo another thing is i would like to thank for nominating me for another award woo woo its very much appreciated and check out her blog its always a good read :-)
Also I have not treated myself in a while phew been sorting out all my bills for before i go to Uni and stuff so last week i checked out asos just to see a huge SALE going on (just what i needed when am trying to save) but decided to treat myself to those two babes and got then delivered this morning so am happy bunny right now hahaha.. Stay Tuned for my Give away Finally i been delaying it way too long now have to find the bloody time to do it :-( 

Thank you Darlings for Stopping By much Appreciated Kiss Kiss  XLoLiTaX