Sunday, 28 August 2011

Birthday Brunch

Hey Girlies, hope your weekend has been good and No long to go until am 22 woo hoo am trying to be and start this age with positivity and will leave anything negative behind me today at midnight.. So yesterday right before my Birthdays dinner i went for brunch had some pizza and had a quick change into my birthday dress both outfits Courtesy of my gorgeous friend Moji she's an amazing designer and i am like one of her best customers hahaha no seriously she's amazingly talented and i have been waiting a very long time to write this post i have a lot more outfits by her so look out for more MJ Creation on my Blog
Oh yeah and the afro is back i missed it the straight hair is cool and all but the Afro is me :D
Micro Bags are everywhere and i specially love this one from Primark but that will be a post for another time 
I Have no clue what i would actually do tomorrow for my birthday i guess ill spend the day with my nephews and niece :)
Thank you for stopping By