Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Inspiration Post

Hey doll's Hows the week going so far? hope all is good am well excited next week will be going away for a week cant wait its going to be amazing, anywoo I've had this outfit in my head for a while now and i still haven't given it a go so i though ill do a little inspiration post, i really want to try orange lip stick but i cant find a really good one that suits me (if your a make up artist/blogger some tips would be well appreciated :D thank you) and for the rest of the outfit I've always wanted to wear leather shorts with suspenders and over the knee socks not necessarily stockings, and accessories overload. i Love how some people wear a lot of rings/jewellery and pull it off without looking like they trying hard just Like the gorgeous Stella Check her out HERE 

All images source from Google 
Hope ya'll have an awesome day
Thank you for stopping by i'll see ya'll very soon x