Saturday, 19 November 2011

I Am Extremely Grateful

Hey Guys, Cant i just start off by saying wow i cant believe its been a year already since i took the plunge and started blogging, after almost two years of just reading blog's last year on this day i decided to start my own blog, and honestly  i can do so much better, i am extremely creative specially when it comes to DIY and customizing stuff i been holding back a little until i felt i was confident enough to know that people actually want to hear what i have to say when it comes to fashion, i really am not am expert when it comes to Fashion but i have the passion, love and ambition and really just want share with other fashion lovers .
I really wanna thank every single person who follows my blog, anyone who has featured me on their blog and every single reader, i've had the most difficult year of my life i've been harassed non stop, stalked, financial problems, University problems i've had it all this year.
But one thing for certain is that my Blog has been the best thing i did through out the year so THANK YOU ALL!!  
I have some major news coming up, just started working on a project Fashion related of course and if you like my blog you sure will Love this.. 
Sorry about the bad pictures i messed with the settings on my camera lol
This is the outfit i wore at work on Friday was my last day working for Lloyds bank, i sure am going to miss the people i've met but certainly keeping in touch..
The jeans were a Gift- Brazilian Jeans
Shoes are from Office shoe
Jacket & Top from Republic