Friday, 9 December 2011

Simple D.I.Y

Hi Dolls Happy Weekend!
I been Busy preparing for this project that i start filming tomorrow exciting fashion related stuff , i can't wait to share all about it soon But here is some other stuff that's kept me busy.
My nephew gave me this plain white shirt and i had this hair band sort of thing that i never used so i took the large beads and sewed it to the collar of the shirt and the pocket i also cut of the sleeves, the less fabric there was more feminine it looked, and bellow is just one my quickest DIY necklace, i posted it a while ago on my facebook page its similar to the one i have from TK Maxx with a key pedant. it takes literally a minute to make, but you can make yours using maybe longer chain or even coloured ribbons.

Shirt- D.I.Y Collar/pocket. Shirt from Next
Jeans - was £22 now £10 HERE
Wedges- Ebay

Those are just some of my quickest DIY am working on others hopefully ill post them soon video tutorials am excited :)
Anyway am off to tidy my roon just bough a new clothes rail, got a lot to do...
Have a wonderful weekend everyone