Saturday, 10 March 2012

New Hair Style Babeeee

HELLLOO my lovelies I have missed you all dearly, unfortunately since I've started full time work again am fiding it hard to keep up with my blog but I shall not fear because every Friday Saturday or Sunday I will have a post up.
 I am also struggling to upload the Haul video I filmed a while ago so annoyed.
But anyway I love my new hair cut even though I know that I won't keep this style for very long, talking of the hair style I really wanted to dress girly and feminine that's how I feel like dressing for this hair style .
On Friday dress down day at work I wore this gorgeous Shorts from topshop that i found so difficult to get on as I couldn't get it past my tights without ripping them lol and yes if you haven't notice I've put on some weight witch is great because that was my goal for this year :).  
Anywho am wearing Topshop- Shorts, Vintage- Pink Top, 
Warehouse- Jacket, my Shoes are from Debenham's and my D.I.Y'ed Tribal necklaces.
I Hope your having an amazing weekend.
Stay blessed and Fashionable 
Lucia Lolita