Monday, 19 March 2012

Megga Late Post...

Hi Guys, How's everyone doing hope your all had a great weekend and wishing you all happy Monday.
I am actually writting/editting this post at a internet caffe if that's not dedication i don't know what is lol, anyway this is what i wore on Friday for work them went to the movies but i Started falling asleep as soon as the movies started lol i was so tired and  also I've not had internet for a while so i can't even return comments and do blog hopping :( but its getting fixed on saturday so i can finally get back to the world of blogging. Back to the outfit I just kinda through everything toguether last minute i wish i had worn a different necklace though what do you think?
Am wearing - Shirt- Republic, Jeans - Select Clothing, Necklace - Miss Selfridges
Bag - Chloe (stolen from my sister hehehe) Shoes- Matalan Glasses- New Look
Wishing you all a great week
Stay blessed and Fashionable Love ya'll
Lucia Lolita