Wednesday, 25 July 2012

...Hey Doll's...
Hope your all having a great week
I been supper busy lately with work and looking after my nephew and niece but its also been fun, plus the weather as changed dramatically compared to how rainy it was the past few weeks/months.
Yesterday I didn't check the weather forecast and ended up wearing boots, ridding pants, shirt and denim vest it was crazy hot I though i was going to faint haha, so today I wanted to keep it simple and summery..
This skirt is easily turning out to be one of my favourite, I love the colour the flow it has great movements and the pleats are just perfect.
I styled it with this Top I bough from the Market and My New Look necklace and this gorgeous brown bag, I was wearing flat shoe that are leopard print but I didn't really want it to show underneath the skirt.

...I hope your all having a great week and enjoying the weather...
Stay blessed and Fashionable 

Lucia Lolita