Monday, 3 December 2012

Its a Pink and Love Kinda Day

''Hi Guys''
..I can't believe how long its been since I last posted..
I hope your all well and preparing for the festive season, I honestly can't be bothered this year takes so much energy and money lol anyway I've literally had no time to take any outfit pictures or anything I just started a new job at I work from 8am to 8pm  its a lot of hard work but I absolutely love it. 
This is just something I put on today for a bit of shopping and running around, I have never ever worn this much pink in one outfit but I don't really have all my clothes with me at the moment and almost everything am wearing is pretty much new buys.

Jumper- Dorothy Perkins
Jeans- New Look, Necklace - MissSelfridges
Shoe's-Matalan, Bag - Oxfam

hahah you can kinda see how tired I am on those pictures
I'll try my best to post more soon, probably this weekend
Thank you for passing by
Stay Blessed and Fashionable
Lucia Lolita