Thursday, 22 August 2013

Updated crisp white shirt...

Hi Doll.. 
I posted on my Facebook page  about my lap top being broken, one of bloggers worst nightmare I wont be able 
to post my outfit pictures until I get it back probably on Saturday.
Instead I wanted to write about my new found love for the updated white shirts.

One of the most important wardrobe staples is definitely a crisp white shirt everyone should have one in their closet, 
I personally don't wear then often but I am definitely investing on some 
specially the new updated versions with settle yet shard and beautiful details.

A white shirt can be dressed up or down a staple for the office work and business woman/men. 
Fashionistas can always dress it up by adding a statement jewellery or dress it down with your favourite pair of denim 
add a jacked/blazer for a chic polished look or leather jacked for an edgy look.
1- 2- Asos
3 & 4 Miroslava Duma 5-
How do you wear your white shirt?

I hope you're all having a fabulous week, stay blessed and fashionable
Lucia Lolita