Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Beauty Regime - Flawless skin

Like most female I wear make up on a daily basis but sometimes wearing wake up day in day out can damage our skin,
 specially for me I have a very oily skin also one of the reasons 
I try to wear very minimal make up (depends on what you think its minimal to you)
The one thing I found that works and helps to clean dead skin and pores is this Maybeauty face mask it really works wonders for me the only negative about this product is the fact that once the mask dries and on removing,
 I found it to be quite painful due to the baby hairs on the side of my face (but it actually also states on the packing to avoid areas with hair as it can pull and cause pain)

Thank you for passing by.. Stay Blessed and Fashionale
Lucia Lolita